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Generating Joy in Your Life

October 21 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Whatever we focus on in this moment determines where our attention goes in the next.

Anxiety, stress, loneliness – when these or other negative states are present, why do we continue to focus on the things that created them?

Together, let’s train ourselves to direct our minds to simply focus on the now, a timeless practice that actively reduces the suffering of craving. Why? Simple meditative concentration leads to bliss, and bliss leads to joy.

What the classes will look like

In each class of this four-week series, we will start with movement or laughter exercises to bring us to a state of playfulness. This kind of activity shows us how we can be the architect of our states rather than letting our habitual or karmic patterns rule our day.

As part of the teaching section, Andy will draw some key points from the book, The Craving Mind, in which the author, psychologist and long-time meditator Judson Brewer, aims to inspire us to use the root cause of addictive behavior (a certain action leads to a perceived reward) to consciously create meditative mind states instead of suffering.

Each class will include a guided meditation and interactive exercises.

The series will take place over 4 consecutive Mondays.

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About the Instructor

Andy Rogers discovered the wisdom teachings of Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat, and the Vajrayana lineage, while living in Japan. He moved to Canada 10 years ago to be near the teachers at their meditation center in Bull River, BC.

In January 2019, Andy moved to Calgary. He lives with fellow students in a conscious household that is focused on continual growth and bringing the teachings of awakening, also called The Great Healing, to others. He attended a laughter yoga retreat in the UK with the Laughing Yogi, Joe Hoare, and has learned with his teachers that joy is a choice that can quickly take him out of his story and into freedom.

Attendance and Registration

The early bird administrative fee for the series is $48. There will be a dana bowl at each event for offerings to the instructor. (Learn more about dana here: https://www.dharmahub.ca/dana-generosity-exchange/)

Calgary Unitarians

1703 1 St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 4P4 Canada
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