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Journey to Self-Discovery: Unlocking Our Fullest Potential

November 15 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

& November 16 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Evening Lectures on Spiritual Transformation

Friday’s Topic:

Patterns & Communication

Saturday’s Topic:

Unconscious Aspects of the Psyche and How They Get Us in Trouble

How do your unconscious patterns create suffering for yourself and those around you? 

It’s by questioning our views that we set ourselves on the path to spiritual awakening, a.k.a ‘the great healing’. The results? We learn to dwell more and more in spaciousness, clarity, and bliss.

In these two evening lectures, meditation master Doug Duncan will offer practical teachings, advice, and tools to bring us to greater questioning and richer states of mind.

Gain the inspiration and tools you need to let your raw talent shine, in this talk by master artists of the inner world.

What are the talks about?

When we explore how and when we communicate, or don’t, we also take a deeper dive into self-discovery. In turn, if we’re to truly communicate with and honor ‘other,’ we need to courageously uncover the delightful and challenging mystery of our own unconscious patterns and behavior. 

Although a hermit at heart, Doug Sensei walks his talk as a proponent of a fuller awakening through community and working together. He lives with his teaching partner Catherine Pawasarat and their students in conscious community, at Clear Sky Center in BC.

Is this for you?

This class is for you if you’re looking for simple tools to transform challenging states and to train your mind to be brighter, lighter, and more joyful.

*Please arrive 10-15 minutes early as class will start promptly at 7pm.

About the Teacher

Achariya Doug Duncan has been teaching the Buddhist path to awakening for over three decades.  Known for his direct and compassionate engagement with students, Doug embraces the full spectrum of the various traditions he employs in order to mentor beings to a more awakened state. His great sense of humour, caring attitude and sometimes very direct involvement makes him an effective catalyst for opening the shadow, for very practical application of the teachings, for humorous and gentle relief when tensions mount and through a diverse range of explorations expands the teachings to include all aspects of life.

Attendance and registration

Attendance and registration involves 1) Dana for the teachers and 2) admin fees

1) Dāna for Doug Sensei

These teachings are offered by the teacher as a form of Dāna (traditional generosity giving) and likewise, attendees are asked to reciprocate generously to the teacher.

Two dana options: There will be a Dāna bowl as you enter the venue for you to give your offering by cash or check. You can also give dana online when paying for your ticket.

More information on dana here: Dāna Guidelines and Practice.

2) Admin Fees

There is also an Administration Fee for the talk. This fee goes to help cover organiser costs of bringing Doug Sensei to Calgary, including his transportation here and food and accommodation during his stay.

Full Venue and Event Details Below

Calgary Unitarians

1703 1 St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2M 4P4 Canada
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